Main Dish Chicken Salad

The hustle and bustle of today, and modern times in general, has influenced our lives. The reality is there are days during the week when I am short on time, but still needing to stick to my budget which means stopping in a drive-thru or calling in order for pickup/delivery is not an option. And THAT’S OKAY! Why? Because I have food at home.

In time crutches like these, I have to get creative with meals because being on a budget does not mean I want to sacrifice flavor in any way, shape or form. This Main Dish Chicken Salad differs from the Sweet Chicken Salad in various ways. As a main dish, the chicken salad is a little more hearty yet still fulfilling. The best part remains that all the ingredients are things I regularly keep stocked in my kitchen (check out my monthly market stock items list).

The keys to making this main dish great is chopping the chicken and dicing the vegetables. I would strongly advise against using a food processor, to avoid grinding the ingredients to a pulp. We don’t want a mushy meal.

If you have cooked shrimp on hand, you can substitute it for the chicken.



2 cups cold cooked, macaroni or other pasta
2 cups chicken, cooked and chopped
2 hard boiled eggs, chopped
1/4 cup green pepper (you use can use red, yellow or orange, if you have on hand)
2 tbsp chopped pimento
1/tbsp onion, diced
1/4 cup, olives, chopped
1/4 cup mayonnaise
Lettuce leaves
Tomato wedges or slices
salt and pepper, to taste


Combine macaroni, chicken, chopped eggs, green pepper, pimento, onion, and olives. .

Stir in mayonnaise to moisten all ingredients.

Sprinkle with salt and pepper to liking..

Serve on lettuce; garnish with tomato.

If you try this recipe, let me know what ya think! You can even leave a comment below, and don’t forget to snap a pic and tag me @veethebaker on Instagram! I LOVE seeing how you whipped it up in the kitchen!