About vee the baker


Hey! Hey! I’m Veronica. I started Vee the Baker to chronicle & share my love of food and niche for adventures in my own kitchen. Growing up, memories were made in the kitchen with my Mom, my Big Mama and my Mama Dean. My Grandmothers shared many cooking tips and techniques that I’ve always thought were general knowledge, but conversations with friends has revealed everyone cooks differently. I’ve always enjoyed a good story… So, in addition to Vee’s Bakeshoppe, I’ve carved out a little space on web to bring the two together—good food with good stories. After all, that’s how moments are treasured.

These days, I enjoy cooking a delectable meal & dining in, just as well as eating out every now & then. After a bout with gout my freshman year in college, I learned quickly the significant relationship between my body and what I put into it. And then, AGAIN, when chronic anemia knocked the wind out of me, literally (talk about feeling tired all the time).

Here you won’t find many overly complicated recipes or ingredients that can’t be used in numerous recipes. You know…like that random bottle of spice you’ve only used once for a casserole dish?. I’m a big lover of traditional dishes, even if they are from another country. You know, the way my (and probably yours, too) grandparents and great grandparents used to make them. I believe that good people, good food, and a good drink are the only elements paramount to a memorable meal. Here you’ll find my favorite recipes with detailed guidance, and a few how to recipe videos. So let’s get cooking!

By the way, if you’ve read this far, we’re officially friends in my book. Xo